Life in the Sticks

I have a confession to make: I am a country girl through and through. We live on 70 acres in the woods, grow our own food, hunt and fish and even raise our own chickens so when I saw the week four challenge the first thing that came to mind was, “YESS!!”. Finally something in my element and an ‘easy’ week. I was wrong.

I thought it would be fun to co-write with someone for this week as that was one of my personal goals for this challenge. My thought was that since I usually write country music this would be a good opportunity to get some outside influences. I contacted Glen MacNeil who had mentioned earlier he would be up for a co-write. I pitched a song idea I had and we ran with it….lyrics flying around all through cyberspace…a new title and hook…a better story…we were unstoppable!! Then we started writing the melody; and we ran with it in the complete opposite direction of each other. Although there are large parts of the melody that were a combination of both of our contributions the overall feel of the song wasn’t quite what I was hearing in my head and I suspect Glen felt the same way about my idea of what the song should be. That was probably more my fault than his. He really tried to make it sound the way I was trying to explain it…..this is where another confession must be made; I’m a mediocre guitarist/singer and I have a hard time making my music sound quite the way I want it to in my head and therefore terrible at communicating to Glen what I was hearing (I will mention here that Glen is pretty much a saint for putting up with me during the melody phase).

The week went by and on Friday night I was playing around with a recording that Glen sent me when my brain took a sharp right into the cornfield…and smacked right into a new song. I quickly wrote some new lyrics that touched a little on the same idea as the first song and Glen was kind enough to provide a few suggestions and ideas on how to make it better. I played around with the melody (which I am okay with except for the title lyric melody-which at this point it so stuck in my head it is appearing in my dreams and my brain will not allow me to sing it any differently than I have it recorded) and cursed a little during recording over my limited guitar and production abilities and VOILA! My submission for week #4 if of the SAC Challenge 215. Enjoy!

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